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Spare parts for sale on Mercedes-Benz C107

Dear customers, we you can Mercedes-Benz C107 with the organization of delivery in any point of Russia or the CIS countries. Quality packaging of parts and their delivery to the transport company by us FREE.

Photo Mercedes-Benz C107

About model Mercedes-Benz C107

Popular model Mercedes-Benz C107 was established in the 70s of the last century, to be precise - in 1971. The manufacturer produces a series until 1989, but today Mercedes-Benz C107 in demand by motorists. To do this, there are a lot of objective reasons.

Milestones Mercedes-Benz C107

Initially, the production line has the following models of Mercedes-Benz:

M 117 V8.
Later it was decided to cross the highest quality: the chassis with a powerful engine. Thus was born the model SL - two-seater convertible with a convertible or hardtop with sliding steel sunroof. Car additionally equipped with folding rear seats. Mercedes-Benz C107 (SLC) was produced in a two-door version with fixed seats. In the 70s of the last century C107 coupe enjoyed high demand.

The wide production model came out in April 1971. Already in 1972, Mercedes-Benz C107 mastered the North American market - the model sold under the name 350 SL. But in 1973 it was decided to rename the Mercedes-Benz C107 450 SL in connection with a joint five-liter aluminum V8 engine. In 1977 Mercedes-Benz C107 equipped with trunk-lid and hood made of durable aluminum alloy. In 1978, the model has gained immense popularity in the market after participating in the World Rally Championship.

In 1980 the release of the models 350, 450 and 450 5.0 SRC was discontinued. In March of this year brought a Mercedes-Benz C107 (model 380 and 500 GKZ) in the Japanese market. The car equipped with four-speed transmission instead of the three-stage obsolete. However, already in 1981 was replaced by a series W 126, 380 and 500 coupe.

Preferences North American market

North American consumers with a special love for cars are Mercedes-Benz C107. Preferences have changed over time. Let us consider the version targeted at this market:

1974 - Vehicles fitted with an elongated 8 dyumovy front and rear bumpers;
1980 - Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC;
1983 - Mercedes-Benz 380 SL.
Already in 1980, specifically for the US market Mercedes-Benz C107 equipped with Lambda control system, which varied the composition of the fuel-air mixture, based on the feedback from the oxygen sensor. Models with a powerful five-liter engine 500 SL were not available, so motorists bought a Mercedes-Benz C107 on the "gray market".

Today, the model is highly appreciated among collectors of vintage cars. Mercedes-Benz C107 exhibited in the museum of Mercedes-Benz in Germany, Stuttgart.

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