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Headlight set + faraocatharine Mercedes-Benz W126 SEL560

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Headlight set + faraocatharine the Mercedes-Benz W126 SEL560

Comes with everything as pictured.

(The reflectors of the headlights is slightly defective (bottom chrome)).

The price for the kit.

The original.

BOSCH 1 305 235 092 Housing, headlight
BOSCH 1 305 235 091 Housing, headlight
A 126 820 94 61 headlight, left, tilt headlamp
A 126 820 93 61 headlight, right, adjustable. headlamp

A1268205142 faraocatharine
A1268205242 faraocatharine


Dear customers, we you can Headlight set + faraocatharine Mercedes-Benz W126 SEL560 with the organization of delivery in any point of Russia or the CIS countries. Quality packaging of parts and their delivery to the transport company by us FREE.

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