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Engine+automatic transmission M112.946 3.2 Ki 330 HP Kleemann C32K W203

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Engine+automatic transmission M112.946 3.2 Ki 330 HP Kleemann C32K W203


On the compressor not the pulley

Sell it as is on photo

VIN WDB2030641A116398
Code model 203.064
Engine 112.946 30 961515
Transmission 722.618 02 717181
Interior - 701A
Color - 744U
Edition 21.02.2001

Kleemann A/S — tuning Studio specializing in the development and styling of the cars of the German brand Mercedes-Benz. Founded in 1985 by Flemming Clement.

In the first years of existence the company had only two employees. The company profile is designing and manufacturing of tuning solutions for Mercedes-Benz. In 1988 started manufacturing their own compression systems under the brand name Kleemann. The company has managed to integrate into the era of development of compressor systems as the most effective solutions for tuning cars.

In 1994, with the arrival of a new co-owner, the company Kleemann began mass production of compression systems. The development and use of modern technologies allowed the company to obtain a wealth of experience and knowledge that allowed her to become one of the leaders in the industry tuning.

Tuning Kleemann is finalising the cars in part of power units, brake systems and other structural elements and upgrade the interior and exterior of vehicles, including for individual orders of customers. To order access to a special seat, floor mats, cloth for covering. Panel interior can be made of carbon material. The simplest upgrade performance cars involves the refinement of the powertrain, the ECU reprogrammirovaniya engines, replacement exhaust system, the integration of sport manifolds or camshafts, and other solutions. Major modifications include the installation of brand compressor constituting the supercharger, intake manifold and intercooler in one unit. Kleemann also manufactures its own racing seats, sports suspension components and doors in Lamborghini style .

Video review on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeCtkvcyWds&t=4s

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