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Engine+ automatic transmission in Mercedes benz W220 S55 AMG COMPRESSOR

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  • Gasoline engine m113 V8 with a mechanical supercharger Comreg

The number of body WDB2201742A448226
Model 220.174 S 55 AMG KOMPRESSOR
Date of issue 30.08.2004
Engine 113.991 60 034713
Transmission 722.643 05 602724

VIDEO REVIEW of the OPERATION of the ENGINE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76ecbDiIiVs&feature=youtu.be

Creating a V8 engine with a mechanical supercharger, Mercedes-AMG sets new standards. Impressive not only for its performance but also how is the power output for high dynamics without suppressing this huge potential capacious 8-cylinder unit. An inherent feature of this engine is the availability of technical innovations. In this case, between the rows of cylinders is a mechanical supercharger. Two aluminium shafts – one of them with Teflon coating – injected into the combustion chamber to 1850 kg of air per hour, revolving with frequency 23000 rpm And the mechanical supercharger is not running continuously, but is activated via electromagnetic clutch depending on the engine speed and state of charge. All this happens almost instantly, so any pressure on the gas pedal hardly felt any hold. In the compact supercharger module is integrated intercooler, which effectively cools the air before injecting it into the combustion chamber. Low-temperature cooling, powerful exhaust fan cooling system of the engine and a separate oil cooler will provide the engine with a supercharger work in the optimal temperature range under all conditions.


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