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About the company

Mercedes Benz — cars that need no introduction. High grade, impeccable driving characteristics, reliability and safety are just a very modest list of advantages of cars of this brand. However, even the most perfect mechanism sooner or later can fail. And then require replacement parts.

If you want to after the repair mechanism of the car once again ran like clockwork, choose to replace the spare parts made in Germany, because German quality has long been synonymous with impeccable precision, perfection, perfection.

So you clearly understand what you need just German parts for Mercedes Benz. It remains the case for small — among the vast array of offerings (not always successful) to find the best option. There are two ways: buy new parts (quite expensive) or to pay attention to the contract parts.

Five reasons to buy contract parts from Japan

It is not just about the original parts, but the parts that are in perfect condition. The Japanese carefully monitor the condition of their cars, so the risk of serious damage, severe wear of the part tends to zero.
The Japanese are very responsible people and regularly "send" their cars on those inspections, which allows time to detect the smallest of faults and eliminate them.
Japan is a perfect way, a mild climate... it's great conditions for operation of vehicles. That is why machines operated in Japan, even after a few years, look like new — and the outside and inside.
The Japanese are not used to the road chemicals in winter, which significantly reduces the risk of corrosion, erosion, metal.
All the Mercedes Benz that you can find on the roads of Japan are shipped into the country from Germany, and this means that we are talking about German quality... with all the ensuing pleasant consequences.
Details for Mercedes Benz from our company. For those who want to be sure of the quality

Shipping contract of spare parts is the main direction of our company in which we are actively developing. Hundreds of positive reviews about our company allow us to assert that cooperation with us and you will be satisfied.

During the work our company, we have debugged all business processes starting from buying cars from the auctions and ending with the delivery of goods to the customer in the shortest possible time.
We guarantee the perfect quality of our products. On the auctions the buyer has the opportunity to obtain complete information about the body and the technical condition of the car, that gives an opportunity to choose the best of the best. Our specialists personally selected the most interesting solutions.
Before the car is delivered to Russia, our partners carry out the diagnostics of components and assemblies, make a detailed photo report and send it to us so we can be sure — purchased cars/parts meet our requirements and expectations.
We strive to build not just comfortable, but as a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, so you will find not only quality used parts Mercedes Benz at an affordable price, but free packing, prompt and inexpensive shipping.
We work not only in the Russian market, but also buy our spare parts Mercedes Benz are citizens of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, UAE, USA.

High quality at an affordable price is really. Contact us, and you can see for yourself.

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